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I recommend Pcanpi to non-native English speakers because Pcanpi catches mistakes that Grammarly misses. I often get annoyed when Grammarly changes every sentence in passive voice to active voice. Pcanpi, however, doesn't do that.

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I am actively recommending Pcanpi to my colleagues. Its suggestions are more accurate than Grammarly's.

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Whenever I write comments in online communities, I use both Google translate and Pcanpi to ensure that my writing doesn't have errors. I don't feel as confident in my English when I'm not using Pcanpi.

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Pcanpi provides more accurate suggestions than Grammarly does. Its UX is easier to see where edits are made.

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Do you have exercise?

Do you have exercise?

There are two verbs in this sentence, have and exercise. Because you cannot have a verb (exercise), the correct line of action here would be to delete the extra verb have so the sentence reads: Do you exercise?

Verb tense

We don't go to California in a long time.

We don't go haven't been to California in a long time.

The correct verb tense should be haven’t been (present perfect tense) instead of don’t go (simple present tense) because the writer of the sentence is trying to convey that in the present time, the subjects (We) have not gone to California in a long time.

Idiomatic usage error

Graphing designing is a strong suit of mine.

Graphing designing Graphic design is a strong suit of mine.

Although graphing and graphic look like similar words, the word that typically goes with design is graphic. Therefore, the correct phrase to use here would be graphic design.

Countable vs. Uncountable

The number of applications has risen this year by as many as 50%.

The number of applications has risen this year by as many much as 50%.

Many is used when the quantity is countable with whole numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). Much is used with uncountable nouns and continuous amounts such as percentages which do not necessarily have to be whole numbers (4.56%, 38.924%, etc.).

Word order

The clinic will not open until following this evening.

The clinic will not open until the following this evening.

The phrase the following evening is the commonly accepted phrase that the writer seems to be trying to use. Scrambling the order and changing the article (following this evening) would not sound natural to a native speaker of English, so using the phrase the following evening here would be correct.

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