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Pcanpi’s online proofreader is an AI-powered writing assistant that makes your English sound more like a native speaker’s. Not only does our free English proofreader improve your spelling, punctuation, and phrasing, it provides suggestions based on context to make your sentences sound natural. Pcanpi is the perfect tool for students and working professionals whose native language is not English but need to use it for business emails, essays, or even ESL test prep.

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I recommend Pcanpi to non-native English speakers because Pcanpi catches mistakes that Grammarly misses. I often get annoyed when Grammarly changes every sentence in passive voice to active voice. Pcanpi, however, doesn't do that.

PM at Walmart Tech

I am actively recommending Pcanpi to my colleagues. Its suggestions are more accurate than Grammarly's.

HR manager at Sendbird

Whenever I write comments in online communities, I use both Google translate and Pcanpi to ensure that my writing doesn't have errors. I don't feel as confident in my English when I'm not using Pcanpi.

Startup CEO

Pcanpi provides more accurate suggestions than Grammarly does. Its UX is easier to see where edits are made.

English teacher


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Most people may know that many things have changed in the society.

Most people may know that many things have changed in the society.

The word society is not usually preceded by an article unless in specific context.


Chimpanzees are good for climbing trees.

Chimpanzees are good for at climbing trees.

In the sentence above, we want to express that chimpanzees are the ones that are good at climbing trees. Therefore, the correct sentence would be the latter.

Word order

Look at the below chart.

Look at the below chart chart below.

The first sentence is not necessarily grammatically incorrect, but the order of the words of the second sentence has been used more often by native speakers of English in similar context.

Usage of a word

Previous studies have concluded that an increase of young adolescents are using e-cigarettes.

Previous studies have concluded that an increase increasing number of young adolescents are using e-cigarettes.

The sentences above are trying to convey that more young adolescents are using e-cigarettes. However, the first sentence is implying that the increase itself is using e-cigarettes which would not make logical sense. By changing increase to increasing number, the sentence now conveys that an increasing number (of young adolescents) are using e-cigarettes.

Word choice

The fact that she is no longer with us crashes my heart.

The fact that she is no longer with us crashes breaks my heart.

When some situation hurts someone’s feelings, the correct verb to use is break.

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